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The "Critical Link"™
Carbon Fiber Racing Driveshaft


The technical advances achieved over the years allows us to bring you the finest Racing and Replacement driveshafts available. The PST "Critical Link" is a continuous filiment wound tube, allowing Power to be transmitted from fiber to fiber to bring the following advantages...

The finest driveshaft available anywhere. Each driveshaft is specifically designed by our Engineering Department to optimize the characteristics of Carbon Fiber required in your special application.

Our newest "Critical Link" Carbon Fiber Driveshaft for Drag Racing application is 3 3/4" diameter, a 50" driveshaft weighs only 6LBS - with 1350 series solid U-Joints add 3LBS and Slip Yoke add approx 2 1/2LBS.

All tube yokes are built from forgings specifically designed by PST for our carbon fiber applications. This carbon fiber driveshaft is a perfect answer to long, high RPM applications such as Pro-Stock Trucks and can be engineered for any amount of Horse Power. Years of use by many Pro Stock and Pro Mod teams have demonstrated the reliability of our carbon driveshafts. Many racers experience a half a tenth increase in performance just by going with a carbon fiber driveshaft.

All custom driveshafts are designed for your specific application. We also have several Pre-Engineered applications (OEM Replacement driveshafts).

To order your Custom Designed Carbon Fiber Racing Shaft, Click here.

To order one of our Pre-Engineered Carbon Fiber Racing Driveshafts, Click here.


Scott Hartsock's 557cid SVO Ford Powered Gunslinger puts our "Critical Link" Carbon Fiber driveshaft to the ultimate test! This Bushnell, FL based race team depends on the strength and reliability only found in PST's Carbon Fiber Driveshaft.


Titan Motorsports
"Copper Celica"

Advantages of Carbon Fiber

  • Lighter than steel or aluminum.
  • Three times torsional strength of steel.
  • Torsional spring rate allows better tire hook-up.
  • Torsional spring rate allows smoother shifting.
  • Less shock load to the differential.
  • Eliminates or dampens high speed vibrations.
  • Reduces transmission and differential breakage.
  • Characteristics can be varied by changing the wind, angles or diameter. PST offers both steel and 7075 Billet Aluminum yokes.
  • In drag racing applications - a better 60 Ft. time.
  • ET's have been lowered in some cases by as much as .120.
  • In stock car racing better control out of corners is the result of the torsional spring rate.
  • In road racing smoother shifting and better durability of transmission and differential have been reported.
  • Tested on Cobra's at 180 MPH on Dyno with no vibrations.
  • A much greater safety factor - carbon fiber will return to a fiber and not create shrapnel under the car, as would aluminum or steel shafts.


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